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Welcome to the website for Lionheart Group Publishing.

Lionheart Group Publishing is an American independent publishing company nestled within the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Our mission is to assist talented authors in exploring and conquering the vast and often confusing terrain which comprises today's publishing landscape. Whether navigating potential missteps into digital media, or remaining firmly rooted in the hardcopy manuscript standards of traditional presses, we're working to break down the barriers which have historically kept budding writers silent.

Lionheart Group offers a dynamic and diverse list of titles from informative and engaging adult fiction and non-fiction, food, current affairs, culture and environment, to memoir, history, science and health, award-winning children's books, exceptional young adult fiction, and more. The pioneer spirit of the hard-working people who built our great nation survives in the way we conduct business, as we're a pro-American, pro-military publisher helping dedicated authors achieve their goals.

While the publishing world has evolved into a plethora of opportunity for passionate artists via any medium, we feel the digital realm currently offers the most compelling opportunities. The wide availability of Internet access and collaboration, combined with the maturation of new production and distribution avenues, means the struggling author no longer must be resigned to surviving the slush piles of traditional houses on the slight chance their manuscript is discovered.

We strive to offer the most pleasant publishing experience available, with as little or as much assistance needed to bring quality works to the hands of discerning readers. We are dedicated to producing tomorrow's classics, today. Our only requirements are hard work and devotion to your craft, which our authors already likely possess.

Lionheart Group is committed to providing you with a multimedia publishing experience which will educate, assist and reward. We hope you find your visit to our site today enjoyable and informative.